On this special episode of Stick Like Glue Radio, I interview entrepreneur and the founder of CareerHearted – Jeffrey Goodman. Jeffrey has a long history of business successes and is the founder of CareerHearted – an innovative business course for passionate, heart-focused, right-brained entrepreneurs. Don’t miss this powerful show!

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is a right-brained entrepreneur?
  • What are the biggest challenges right-brained entrepreneurs have with starting a business?
  • Talk about the ‘birthing’ of a business.
  • How can people avoid the mistakes and overcome overwhelm?
  • What are the Four C’s of Business?
  • Is The Creator the first role filled in the Reinvented C Suite?

Key Lessons Learned:

Right-Brained Entrepreneurs

  • Right-brained entrepreneurs are creative people who are extremely inventive and in the far future mindset.
  • This type of entrepreneur knows something new needs to be developed.
  • The biggest challenge for right-brained entrepreneurs is that they are entrepreneurial but also get severely overwhelmed.
  • Right-brained entrepreneurs understand their craft but not necessarily business.

Birthing a Business

  • When it comes to business, the birth cycle will be repeated in both microcosm and macrocosm ways.
  • The cycle goes from idea to conception to gestation to birth.
  • Often businesses are built out of order and jump to marketing first without all the other pieces being in place.

Overcoming Overwhelm

  • Focus on step-by-step processes.
  • Work with the Four Seasons of a Business and understand how it rotates through and what happens within each cycle.

The Seasons of Business

  • Plant the seeds and get the marketing materials out there.
  • This is when you see the results of planting the seeds in spring.
  • Harvest time, when all the money comes in.
  • This is the resting and repair time. Do the things that couldn’t be done during the busy time.

The 4 C’s of Business

  • This is the reinvention of the C Suite.
  • The inventor of the business, and creates something that didn’t exist before.
  • These are the people who take the chaos of the creator’s idea and puts them it into a system and order.
  • The controllers are the true leaders and managers of the company.
  • These are the workers-for-hire, and take the strategy the controller has developed and execute it.
  • These are the true entrepreneurs, and use money to take the idea and make it happen.

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