You and I need to talk about the bright purple elephant in the the room: money.

What I mean is actually making money.

You and I both wish this was not an issue, that we could just focus on doing what we love…but we still have it pay the bills and take care of ourselves.

One of the big questions people are afraid to ask (yet still worry about) is “will my business make money?”

The answer is yes.

Yes, your business will make money.

It is important that you set very clear intentions of how much money you and your business need to make.

Your business is alive and it’s important that your intentions are set for thriving, not just surviving.

Money is energy—and your business wishes to have energy move through it.

Jeffery and I understand how important it is to communicate about our own needs and the needs of the business. We both understand that it’s important to be very clear on what you need to make so that your business will respond to that by supporting you.

Here is one of many examples of Jeffery sharing exactly what he needed with me, and I listened.

Two years ago, Jeffery was investing quite a bit of money into building the online version of CareerHearted, but his computer was no longer functioning at the level he needed.

He was at the point where a new computer was the only solution.

Jeff shared with me his stress and concerns about where he was going to come up with $2000 for a new computer.

So I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry about it.”

Knowing this process well, Jeffrey chose to trust me, so he let go of his worries and went back to work.

Ten minutes later, he got a phone call from a woman he met at an out of town workshop two years ago that he hadn’t spoken to since the workshop. She worked for a company that needed to hire a photographer in Phoenix to take some photographs of product.

She asked Jeffery if he knew any contacts he could refer her to.

The woman wasn’t aware of Jeffrey’s extensive and successful photography business before CareerHearted.

What’s your budget?”, he asked.

$2000”, she replied.

If this had been the first time something similar had happened, Jeffery’s jaw would have probably dropped in disbelief. But since he’s had many such occurrences, he merely sat back in his chair, smiled and said “thank you” to that which was whispered in his ear.

It’s really important to understand that your business is alive.

Once you get clear on what you need—whether it’s money or other things that support you—your business will respond.

You just need to connect and clearly communicate with it so that it can love you as much as you love it.

As passionate as we are about supporting our business, our business is as passionate about supporting us.

When we expand our beliefs and intentions about the concepts of success and abundance, we create the space for more energy and opportunities to come in.