I have a friend, Jeremy Goldberg who has started a movement called Long Distance Love Bombs.

He’s trying to show people kindness is cool and vulnerability isn’t heroic.

His movement started in an airport.

He saw a woman sobbing talking on her phone. He turned over his business card and wrote, “It will be okay. You will, too.”

He now drops these love bombs, these anonymous notes of support all over the world—physically and through social media.

Jeremy is one of my “others.”

I, too, maneuver through this world giving a damn about the people and strangers that I meet and cross paths with.

I want to live in a world where we shift from “I” to “we” and collectively take heart to our families, our co-workers, our jobs, our friendships, our relationships and complete strangers we pass by each days.

Where instead of snapping, “Americano tall, non fat milk.”

We see the woman working behind the counter—actually see her. Take a moment to stop and breathe and acknowledge the human we have the gift of interacting with in our day.

See the woman who woke up for work and showed up to smile and hand me a coffee to drink in the middle of a ten hour marathon of a day.

Maybe she has a family, a boyfriend, maybe she’s grieving a lost love, maybe she just found out she’s pregnant, maybe she’s just graduated and is paying off her school loan—we have no idea what her story is and how she is doing in the exact moment we cross paths.

So, I choose to take a moment and say “Hi.”

Smile and say wordlessly, “I see you.”

Let’s begin to see one another.

LB Fight for the things

LB Kick some ass

LB You are incredible