I recently took an online business course called CareerHearted and realized when it comes to business, I am a Creator.

I birth ideas at a million miles a minute.

I have article titles written on post it’s, scraps of papers, half written notes in my phone.

I find them crumpled in my pockets fresh out of the dryer, stored in my car change tray, and beside my bed scribbled down the night before at three am.

I have many drafted ideas waiting to be completed.

Ask me what I want to do in this life and with a smile, I will ask you “How much time do you have?”

This is the divinity of being a Creator, and also it’s downside.

Creators are dreamers.

I am rich with an endless abundance of ideas at every and all moments.

I will speak to you of the books I plan to write, the workshops I will host, the communal piece of land I will buy so you, me and all our friends can live and create art together till we are ninety.

You will see me light up as I yabber about apps I want to invent and the world I will change that our children will live in.

Maybe all of it will happen, and maybe none.

It doesn’t matter, for I am caught up in the euphoria of my ideas.

When I speak passionately and wishfully of all the endless things to create, I am in my being.

I don’t think of the end.

Dreamers do not dream on the ground, they do so in the sky.

We are like children, with no limitations to our hopes and aspirations.

All is possible. All is achievable.

Some ideas have intentions that could take years or my entire life to finish, however

I am not known to look too far ahead.

I’m not thinking about what my heron tattoo on my left arm will look like when I am sixty.

I am not thinking of the “how tos”.

I am just in the now, playing with my desires.

My creativity is born in a womb fed by freedom to allow my needs, wants and desires to thrive without much logic or reasoning to hold it back.

From the outside my process and existence can sometimes appear unrealistic, unorganized, unstructured, and instinctual.

To me, this is a place of pure joy.

Freud once said, “We approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations. … It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organization, produces no collective will, but only a striving to bring about the satisfaction of the instinctual needs subject to the observance of the pleasure principle.”

Creators sit in a cauldron of ideas yelling “aha!” and could do so day and night and in the end create nothing tangible.

I do create many things.

I can show you. You can touch them. You can hear them. You can read them.

However, my gift and where I would rather be, is in simply birthing the ideas.

This is my essence. This is what I do. As a creator I don’t have the desire to be accountable for it all. I’m just scrambling to get it all down on paper.

I require someone on the ground to focus each idea and the next steps.

I romanticize about living and working with a circle of creators around me, but in reality all we DO is run around in circles. Unknowingly, we are masters of procrastination continuously side stepping our brilliance.

We rarely move forward. We rarely pass go and collect 200 dollars.

We remain in an endless cycle of inspiration.

I need an other. Someone who will tackle my ideas as they whizz by.

Someone who will not take control over my ideas, but help organize, and turn them into tangible things.

Someone who can reach into my chaos, ground my ideas, and ask, “Do you really want to host a writing workshop in Guatemala with Tyler Knott?”

“Do you really want to buy a Volkswagen van, convert it to canola oil, throw a mattress in the back, a surfboard rack on the top, so you can self-publish and tour your first book across the country?”

“Hasn’t some hippie already done that?”  (Please leave this, part of who I am is humour. Someone will laugh at this sass)

“Do you really want to open a cafe with freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee worth

begging for, with thirty-foot ceilings, stained glass windows, white walls, orange and yellow and pink cushions?”

“Are you prepared with equipment, funding, and legal documents to film this documentary on Happiness? What the hell do you know about videography anyway?”

“Do you really have any interest in actually running and managing a business and people?”

I am a Creator, and this is my dance.