A powerful business woman is a fierce woman who knows her worth.

A powerful business woman shows up on time, for she knows this communicates to the people she works with that she values their time and energy.

She knows that only those who feel powerless communicate with anger, so she consistently speaks with strength and grace.

A powerful business woman stepped over “not good enough” a long time ago.

She is an idealist who does not limit herself—she is constantly pushing the context of her success.

A powerful business woman won’t collaborate, work or walk beside companies or individuals who do not value her time and energy.

She understands that knowing what we don’t love is just as important as knowing what we do love.

She has worked mediocre jobs and is grateful for the support those stepping stones offered on on the path to her “Fuck yes” career.

She believes careers are like soulmates—we can have many in one lifetime, and it is important when we are checked out and finished with a career, that we exit with as much grace as we entered.

A powerful business woman is in a career that brings her joyshe knows that working for just the money is soul prostitution.

A powerful business woman is constantly taking new risks and swings—she knows that she can always play bigger, no matter how long she’s done something or how good she is at it.

A powerful business woman only works with individuals, brands and companies who breathe integrity. She can feel when someone takes even a small step out of alignment.

She always listens to her gut.

A powerful business woman runs her own show but also understands the importance of asking for support.

She knows that it’s impossible to do it all alone.

She understands that truly receiving requires vulnerability and she is strong enough to show her under belly to the world.

When she asks for support, she does not feel that she is imposing or being “too much,” she trusts that her colleagues are well-equipped to know their limits and set their own boundaries.

Asking does no harm, wise people delegate.

A powerful business woman speaks her truth, refusing to be swayed, altered, misrepresented or controlled.

Her integrity doesn’t have a price tag.

She understands that boundaries are healthy and necessary—with clients, time management, self-care and family.

You will see yoga and swimming lessons penciled into her schedule and she will honour them with as much importance as the big break she’s been waiting for.

The people that she loves are the wind beneath her wings. They are just as—if not more—important than her work.

She knows that we are never too busy for self care. Her well-being doesn’t give a damn how busy she is.

A powerful business woman will not live in fear of competition, for she knows that even if someone tries their hardest, they will never do it exactly like she will.

She knows there is space in this world for all of us, and is welcoming rather than intimidated by others who pop up beside her.

A powerful business woman is not jealous of other people’s success, since she knows there is space for all of us to thrive.

She prefers collaboration over competition.

A powerful business woman exists to be seen, listened to, respected and honoured—she has no tolerance for those who do not respect her worth.

A powerful business woman knows opportunities come and go, but she is the big break.

She does not attach her self worth to her career or projects she is working on.

She knows the importance of saying “thank you,” and she says it often.

A powerful business woman does business with heart, writing a personal hello into the introduction of a work email before she dives in. She knows that there is a human on the other side of the screen and understands the importance of treating her co-workers like the humans that they are.

She doesn’t worry whether this could come across as “unprofessional;” she feels this makes her compassionate and kind and knows that her co-workers are happier when they are seen.

A powerful business woman—even a CEO—is not afraid to raise her hand and say, “I don’t understand.” She would rather understand than risk looking stupid.

Intelligent people need to have things explained twice, too.

A powerful business woman takes risks and is not afraid to fall. She has fallen and risen and will continue to rise.

A powerful business woman understands her strengths and weaknesses. She happily hires people to help her with the things that aren’t her strengths.

She doesn’t try perfect or control the things she delegates—she trusts the people she works with and gives them space to shine.

A powerful business woman will never haggle or try get a “friend rate” for professional services from colleagues; instead, she may add on an extra $10 an hour to a rate she is quoted.

She does not operate from a place of scarcity—she knows scarcity attracts scarcity.

She wants every single person in this world to continue to grow and challenge their perceptions of success.

A powerful business woman gives verbal praise often—she doesn’t believe this makes those she works with lazy, she believes it encourages them to stand taller and succeed greater.

A powerful business woman may startle you with her directnessshe shoots from the hip.

A powerful business woman knows better than to assume she knows it all. She makes mistakes and is sometimes wrong. She appreciates being surrounded by people who have the huevos to challenge her.

A powerful business woman is not afraid to see your shit and challenge you in return.

A powerful business woman has presence—presence in how she shows up, listens, speaks, walks, acts and moves.

A powerful business woman doesn’t care about being liked; she knows that in speaking her truth, some people will be scared off.

She is not a people-pleaser, and she operates from a place of knowing her worth instead of caring what people think of her.

A powerful business woman knows that the loudest voice in the room is often the one with the least to say. She knows the importance of being an observer, as well as a participator.

A powerful business woman knows the importance of fear—and she also knows when to tell it to get lost so she can dare greatly.

A powerful business woman is unwavering in her purpose.

She walks without arrogance and with intention and worth.

A powerful business woman is not here to play small and understands that by walking her tallest, she gives other people permission to do the same.